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Granite Mountain Bank


Lost / Stolen Debit Card

October 8, 2021

After Hours Lost/Stolen Debit Card # 1-800-236-2442

The Butte, Montana branch of Granite Mountain Bank

Granite Mountain Bank is a state chartered bank that opened in April 1940 as Flint Creek Valley Bank. We added our Drummond Branch Location in October 1997 and our Butte Branch in March of 1999. All three branches were unified under the Granite Mountain Bank name in 2013. Granite Mountain Bank is a locally owned and operated institution.

We strive to maintain a high level of customer service and are dedicated to our local communities. All decisions are made locally and we offer a full range of competitive products.

E-Statements Available

We now offer E-Statements as part of our online banking platform for your convenience. Once you are logged into Granite Online Banking, you will find a link under Additional Services for e-Statements. If you have not previously signed up for e-Statements, it will require you to agree to our e-Statement disclosure before your access begins.

If you are not using Granite Online Banking at this time, you can register for online banking at your convenience. Then you would follow the instructions above to access your e-Statements or sign up for them.

For those customers that do not wish to use our Granite Online Banking services or want to authorized e-Statement access to your accountant, please contact one of our branch locations for instructions on how to sign up for e-Statements only.